Rogers Frequently Asked Questions

Save & Return Explanation

Save & Return is a program that allows you to pay less money on your device by the set Save & Return amount. At the end of your device financing, you can return your device in “good working condition” or keep your device and repay the total amount of the Save & Return discount that you received during the financing period. If the device is not in “good working condition”, you get to keep the device and repay the total amount of Save & Return discount that you received  

“Good working condition” means that the touchscreen must be functioning and cannot be broken or have cracked glass. The device must power up and all accounts and passwords removed.

For more details: 

Complete Guide – Setting up your device

Thank you for ordering with Imagine Wireless, your Authorized Rogers Wireless Dealer. Congratulations on your new Rogers services! 

Please visit the following link to the complete guide for your services. You will find the following in the guide… 

1.) Device Setup Instruction 

2.) How to Remove and Switch SIM Card 

3.) SIM Card Change on 

4.) e-SIM Setup 

5.) Data transfer (Old Device to New Device) 

6.) Porting Phone Number (Transfer From Old Provider to ROGERS) 

7.) Set Up profile (Online Billing) 

8.) And much more 

 Complete Guide: 

Porting In Request

Your new device will be active with a temporary Rogers number, which is labeled on your sim card or your device and your service agreements. When you receive your new sim card or your new device and you are ready to complete your number port,  

Please call your Rogers customer service department to complete the port: 

Call: 1-844-776-4377 /OR/  1-866-656-8690 

For more details: Port Your Number to Rogers – Imagine Wireless 

They will need the temporary number, your porting number, and the account number of your previous carrier. Please complete this port as soon as possible, as your services with Rogers have already begun. Customers porting into Rogers will receive an SMS or Call from their existing carrier informing them of the port request. Customers must reply ‘YES’ to the SMS or agree to the porting request with their existing carrier before the porting will began. There should not be any further action required. 

The porting number must remain with active service (not canceled or suspended) to port. If the number is currently not active for any reason, you may need to call your previous carrier to reactivate it first.  It is required that any port protection be removed by your previous carrier before attempting a port out. Once the phone number port has been completed successfully to Rogers, your phone line will automatically be canceled with your previous service provider

Absolutely. When you place your order for new services, check off the box that indicates you are porting. We’ll send you more instructions when your order is done.

If you are bringing your number from another carrier, your new device or SIM card will be activated with a temporary Rogers number.

When you receive your package, you will then want to port your number right away. We will provide you with instructions to complete your number port.

If you are an existing wireless customer either out of contract, or on a term contract that is at least 181 days into your term, you will be charged a one-time enrollment fee of $50 to change to a discounted plan. This enrollment fee will apply for plan changes only, as well as for customers upgrading or changing a plan to add a new line.

If you are a wireless customer on a term contract and have been a customer for 180 days (6 months) or less, then you are not eligible to receive a Preferred Program corporate discount yet. Contact us again after 6 months has passed to apply your discount.

Return and Exchange Policy

If you have changed your mind or believe your new phone is defective, please contact us immediately at to discuss replacement or exchange.

A disclaimer must be accepted and reviewed before a waybill can be sent. 


You will have 10 days from the date you placed your online order (or the start of your contract term, whichever is later) to return or exchange a device through us. If it is past this period, we can no longer exchange for a different device as per ROGERS contract terms. 

For defective replacements or repairs after the 10 days, please call Rogers Tech Support at 1-866-931-3282.

To return or exchange a device for any reason, it must be in like-new condition (no marks, breaks, cracks, scratches, etc.), be wiped of all personal information and accounts, and returned with the full box including accessories. If any accessories are opened a restocking fee may be applicable. 

Any exchanging device must be returned and received by us before we can ship you a new device. 

Device Set up & Sim Card Exchange

If you have a new device, find our collection of useful guides and links online.

Click Here ›

Simply insert the SIM card into your device to get connected. Refer to your device’s user guide for instructions on inserting the SIM card.

See our video and quick steps to learn how to activate your card online. 

If the old SIM card is still in your device, you can get the number in your device settings. See how to do this by visiting our link above and reviewing the Locate your SIM card number section.  

Yes, your current SIM card will continue working in the new device, unless the device gives you an error. If you see an error message for your SIM card, make sure that it’s inserted properly by turning off your device, removing the card, re-inserting it, and turning your device back on. If you still see an error message, please activate a new sim card. 

Rogers Auto Pay and MyRogers

After you order, you will receive an email from Rogers with instructions to set up your MyRogers account online (if you don’t already have one).

How to set up a MyRogers account ›

How to make a payment ›

A $5/month discount is included on eligible in-market Rogers Preferred Program Infinite plans to customers who set up Automatic Payments on their account (not retroactive).

You must keep Automatic Payments active with an eligible plan to maintain this discount. Discount will end if you move to an ineligible plan or cancel Automatic Payments.

Automatic Payments Discount – FAQ ›

How to set up Autopay in your MyRogers App ›

First E-mail and First Bill Explanation

Following the creation of your account or the completion of a hardware upgrade, you will receive an email directly from Rogers. However, it is important to note that the information in this initial email is not entirely accurate, as it only displays the original price of the price plan (MSRP) and device without accounting for any discounts offered through the Rogers Preferred Program.

The preferred program status code and discounts apply to your price plan(s) and device(s) soon after the account activation or hardware upgrade. Once this has been completed, you will receive an email from us confirming the closure of your order. Alongside this email, you will find a contract that outlines the precise pricing, inclusive of the discounts. 

It is worth mentioning that the first bill estimate may include partial charges, covering the period between the start date of services (activation date) and the billing date. Additionally, you will observe a Set-Up Service Fee reflected on the first bill. Consequently, your initial bill may appear higher than your subsequent monthly bills, and any one-time credit will apply to the account within three billing cycles. 

Please note that until the commencement of the next billing cycle, both the My Rogers App and may not accurately display updated information with your plan information or description. The price plan showcased will reflect the MSRP price prior to any applied discount, as the discount is an additional feature applied atop the MSRP pricing for the plan, specifically intended for employees or members of your organization. 

When you receive your first Rogers bill and many emails about account changes, it can be a bit confusing. Don’t worry, we’re here for you!

You will see the regular plan prices on all your plan summaries and service agreements from Rogers. Discounts and promotions will reduce the cost of the regular plan price on your Rogers invoices, and are located under the Discounts/Promotions or Add-ons section on the account. All offers may not reflect on the service agreements.

Understanding Wireless bill charges ›

Order Expectancy

We have distinct sub-departments within the Rogers Preferred Program dedicated to expediting your order and ensuring the swiftest delivery of your device to you. Normal order completion time would be 1 – 3 business days. You can anticipate receiving an email notification from the designated shipping carrier once your package is prepared for dispatch. 

During the Holidays we experience a higher volume of orders; therefore, order completion times will be extended, this is usually highlighted and in bold on the dedicated portal. 

Special Order or Backorder devices cannot be guaranteed on the order delivery time. 

Proof of employment is necessary to take advantage of the Rogers Preferred Program, and we may not always be able to use an email address. Providing an upload of an employee document will allow us to generate the necessary validation without having to contact you further or have you taken any other action. This can greatly speed up the process or enable the process if an employee’s email is unavailable.  

It is mandatory for all Rogers Preferred Program users to verify employment for any transactional type, regardless of previous transactions.

Please supply a clear and readable document that shows employment to the company you are receiving a discount through. Examples of proof of employment we can accept: 

  • Pay Stub Issued Within 30 Days 
  • Letter of Employment Issued Within 30 Days 
  • Picture of a Physical Business Card 
  • ID Badge or Photo ID (Clear picture of your portrait, name and the company logo) 
  • Membership or license document 

Redact any sensitive personal or payment information from the document if supplied. Your name must be legible*  

E-Sim Set Up

An eSIM is a digital SIM that lets you activate a celluar plan without having to use a physical SIM card. For devices that support Dual Sim, an eSIM is leveraged to allow two lines or more on one device.

When your order completes, you’ll get an email with an E-SIM attached in a PDF document. You will need to scan the QR code to set it up. You should also find any other instructions needed attached.

Please visit our SIM card set up page for full directions on E-SIM and SIM Card set up. 

SIM Card – Imagine Wireless 

Roam Like Home

Ready to roam again? Roam Like HomeTM has you covered in 185+ destinations. Use your plan’s data, talk and text freely on your next trip for a low daily fee! We have now started to roll out 5G access while roaming on selected 5G devices.

Roam Like HomeTM will change the way you use your phone while travelling! Use your phone in over 185+ international destinations just like you would at home for a low daily rate. 

Use the data, minutes and text messages from your Rogers mobile plan while roaming for one low daily rate. 

Roam Like Home is active only on days when you make or answer a call, text, call your voicemail or use data while travelling. Once active, it will be valid until 11:59 p.m. of that calendar day based on Eastern Time (ET). If you don’t want to use Roam Like Home, switch your data roaming off and avoid making or answering calls or sending texts.

 You will be charged for a maximum of 20 days per billing cycle —great for longer trips!

1. Make sure your destination is covered 

Roam Like Home lets you use the talk, text and data included in your monthly plan just like you would at home. Use the map or type your destination to ensure it is covered. 

Please use the following link to find your destination: 


2. Check if you have Roam Like Home 

Most Rogers customers with an eligible postpaid wireless plan are automatically enrolled in Roam Like Home. 


To double-check, text TRAVEL to 222. 


3. Turn on roaming and use your phone! 

Turn on data roaming on your device. Once you arrive at your destination, you will receive a welcome notification confirming that Roam Like Home is active and ready to use! 


How to use Roam Like Home?

Roam Like Home lets you use the talk, text and data included in your monthly plan just like you would at home. Use the map or type your destination to ensure it is covered.

Please use the following link to find your destination:

Most Rogers customers with an eligible postpaid wireless plan are automatically enrolled in Roam Like Home. 

 To double-check, text TRAVEL to 222. 

Turn on data roaming on your device. Once you arrive at your destination, you will receive a welcome notification confirming that Roam Like Home is active and ready to use!

Roam Like Home FAQ's

Here is a summary of the daily fee details for Roam Like Home: 

You are only charged on calendar days you use your device (make/receive a call, send a text, call your voicemail, use data), and you will only be charged for a maximum of 20 days per monthly bill after this time you can still use Roam Like Home until the end of your bill cycle free of charge. 

The daily fee covers each calendar day of usage until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), regardless of which time zone you are roaming in. 

The daily fee applies separately for each device that uses Roam Like Home. 

There is no need to remove Roam Like Home when you return. There are no additional fees to have it on your plan. Roam Like home is a pay-per-use service, which means you will be charged for Roam Like Home only when you use your device in an eligible destination. 

No. When you are in an eligible destination, calls and messages you make to Canadian numbers and to numbers within the destination you are visiting are included in Roam Like Home and accounted for in your mobile plan. For calls and messages to any other destination, standard long-distance rates will apply. 

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. 

Transfer Of Responsibility

A Transfer of Responsibility is the process used to change the ownership of one or more wireless numbers for an existing or new customer.

You must meet the following criteria before proceeding with a Transfer of Responsibility:  

  • The account must be in good standing with no past-due balances.  
  • The account holder must authorize this request by contacting Rogers Customer Care. It’s recommended to have the new customer (taking over the line) available as well to complete the process as quickly as possible.
  • The new customer will be informed of the credit check requirement and the price plan tenure, terms and conditions will also be explained.  

Within the first 60 days following activation.

Account must show one payment post activation.

If a hardware upgrade has been completed in the last 60 days.  

If the invoice contains any equipment charge and has not been paid in full.  

Please keep in mind that terms and conditions do apply and Rogers Customer Services will validate both of you.  

The new customer will assume full responsibility for the account. (Note: You are still responsible for all monthly charges and usage up until the day the transfer is completed.)  

The voicemail will be reset.  

Any current promotion on the line will be removed.  

**The current remaining device financing balance will have to be paid in full on the existing account.**  

**$50.00 mandatory Transfer of Responsibility Fee per line transfer to the new customer.**  

A credit check will be required before taking responsibility for the device.  

Total responsibility for the Wireless Number will be transferred.  

Account Cancellation Inquiries

Our Sales Center does not have the tools to do account cancellations.  

Please call the Rogers Preferred Program customer service department to check eligibility, terms and conditions and complete the cancellation on the account. 

ROGERS Customer Service: 1-844-776-4377.

You may read Rogers Terms and Conditions of Service for full information on cancellations.

What to expect after cancelling your smartphone plan ›

Reserving a device through the Rogers Reservation System

Please submit a reservation on our Reservation System to receive your device. You will get an email notification once your device is shipped out, and we will process your order as soon as the device arrives at our warehouse. 

Make sure you reserve the device going to our warehouse. Postal code:T3E0C3.We will need to process the device before shipping it out to you. 

Reservation and Pre-Order Instruction for Existing Customer

Reservation and Pre-Order Instruction for New Customer

A reservation fee of $40 + taxes will be applied to your account or credit card for each reservation. This amount will be fully refunded once your device has shipped. You can change your mind if your reservation is still in open status. You can just cancel your first reservation and create another afterward. Your reservation fee will be credited back to you. 

After placing an order for the reservation you will receive a reservation ID number that starts with DR-XXXXX. Please provide us with the ID so we can keep it on file and your order for your convenience.  

Example: Apple/ Samsung Device has been reserved for the wireless number XXX.XXX.XXXX, using the order IDNR-XXXXX. 

To Ensure you get your device the soonest as it has arrived at our warehouse, please fill out your personal information and proof of employment using the following link. Keep in mind that we can only hold the device for 3 business days as soon as it arrives at our warehouse. If we don’t have all your information, as per Apple policy, we will have to release your device to the next customer that placed the order. 

NRS and Special Orders FAQ

Our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible but we cannot guarantee that you’ll receive your device right away. Normal special order process takes between 15 – 21 business days due to manufacturer chip shortage, the process sometimes could take longer than expected. You can always reach out to us at any time after the third week to ask for the device status. 

You can cancel the special order at any time, but the deposit is non-refundable. 

You will receive a full refund on the original method of payment as soon as we complete your order. 

Refunds can take 9 – 14 business days to complete. Generally, the customers who completed the initial payment with Visa or Mastercard will see a pending transaction for the refund on their bank account around 3– 5 business days after the refund has been initiated. Keep in mind that the time frame to post a pending refund is ultimately up to the card-issuing bank. 

We do not accept returns or exchanges for special order devices unless the item you purchased is still factory sealed with the original manufacturer’s packaging within 14 days from the initial order completion date. Please note that a 20% restocking fee of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price will be charged for any opened product. All personal hands-free products are NON-refundable. 

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

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